Thursday, September 27, 2018

Well its official, we will be hosting National Rifle League 22 matches here at Massey's!!!!

Lets start off by talking what is NRL22.  The goal of the National Rifle League 22 is to make Tactical Rifle shooting more available to every community. The National Rifle League 22 understands that the shooting community is fascinated with Precision Rifle, but most localities are not fortunate enough to have a 1000 yard range. However, nearly all localities have access to 100 yard ranges and most shooters own a 22 rifle.

The NRL22 was created to provide a way for shooters that are looking to get into the sport of precision rifle shooting the opportunity to do so without having to invest a lot of money in gear and travel.

I’ve been getting many questions about whether or not scopes are allowed in our NRL22 matches. 
Scopes are highly recommended!!! Scopes with adjustable turrets are also highly recommend as we shoot from distances from 25 yards to 100 yards and every distance in between so you’ll have to quickly adjust your scope for these distances. We shoot at targets as small as 1/4” so good optics make that much easier. 
We also highly recommend an adjustable nylon sling for your rifle, this will will make the unsupported positional shooting (standing , kneeling , sitting , prone) much easier to achieve a solid , stable shooting position. 
It’s best to use either a bolt action, or semi automatic rifle with a 10 round magazine capacity. Each stage requires you to fire 10 rounds in 2 minutes or less. 
Lastly we strongly recommend some sort of a bipod and good rear bag for these matches. 
None of these items are required, but they are allowed and they will make shooting these matches much easier and more fun and will radically increase your score! 
If you have any questions on what equipment to buy you can find us at the range and we’ll show you and explain the options available.

First match practice day is October 14, 2018 @ 10am

First NRL22 match is October 21, 2018
is from 8:00-8:30am
Match Starts at 9:00am

Friday, June 1, 2018

We are now selling Hunting & Fishing licenses here in the shop.

We are also scheduling classes for the hunter safety education required by the state

the following are the dates for the upcoming classes

June 9th 3pm-7pm
June 10th 10am-2pm
July 8th 10am-2pm
July 14th 3pm-7pm
August 12th 10am-2pm
August 18th 3pm-7pm
September 9th 10am-2pm
September 15th 3pm-7pm

Cost of the class is $15 plus $5 range fee
Students must complete online requirements and bring proof to the class.
Adult must be with child at all times.

Classes start promptly please arrive on time

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Well its been a few days since i've posted here.  There has been a few changes on the range and with our website info but hopefully we'll get it figured out in the next few days.  The first big change is range 3.5 is our new shotgun area.  It as a covered area, 2 clay pigeon throwers and has over 200yds to have all the shotgun fun you can think of.  Range 5 the old shotgun range is now another rifle range with all steel targets up to 305yds.  It'll have an array of PRS type props with 2moa to 1/2moa size targets to hone your rifle skills. We'll have props like rooftops, barricades, swinging tables and tank traps among others.

Hope to see everyone out this Easter weekend, we will open from 10a-6p everyday.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

We just finished our bowling pin match, the Paul's took 1st, with Art & Ruben taking 2nd and Frank & Torch placing 3rd. We had a total of 7 teams. Talk about a lot of fun. We do these matches every Saturday @ 2:00pm.
It has been a beautiful day, hope to see more shooters out here tomorrow.

Friday, January 13, 2017

We strive to be your one place do all gun store and range.  Well now we have added a World Famous gunsmith to our repertoire of services we offer.  We offer all types of gunsmithing from building an old 1895 Mauser to new conditions or rebuilding your AR-15.  We can cut or thread a barrel, or installing a new barrel on that worn out old Remington 700.  Feel that your fancy new 1911 doesn't have a great trigger as it should...we can fix that also.  Lots have asked, "can you thread a barrel for my silencer or muzzle break?".....YES.  The fantastic part of having a local gunsmith is turn around time is faster.  I'm talking days, not months.  Got a shotgun that is giving you problems...lets get it up and running instead of struggling during the hunt.  Have a pistol that needs repair, yup we do that also.  So get all those projects up and running, bring'em in.  Remember a gun that doesn't shoot is just a rock.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Today is the last day of year to get your shooting in. We WILL be open regular hours today 10a-6p so you can get all that ammo out of your system. Save tonight for fireworks NOT firearms...leave that for the range.
We also have our License To Carry class at 2:00pm. Start the new year off right by vowing to have you & your family safe with proper firearm safety, get your concealed handgun license today !!!
In observance of New Years we will be CLOSED January 1st 2017 so we can spend time with our families.
We will resume normal business hours on Monday January 2, 2017, 10a-6p

Thursday, December 8, 2016

With some of the recent events here at the range, we are forced to NO longer allow rapid fire on range #4 (rifle range). We had a few patrons that could not control their firearm and several of the rounds left the range as they did NOT impact a berm, I know its the size of a small SUV but they still missed. We still have a range setup for full auto, bump fire and now rapid fire (#6). So now on range #4 you will see the following signs at every bench. They seem to be very clear in description, but i'll explain just a tad.

Rapid fire is the firing of more then 1 round every 3 seconds. So when you fire a round, ensure it hits the berm, count to 3 and you can fire the 2nd, so on and so forth. You may ask "why" well when a novice shoots his rifle, most times his eyes close, he yanks the trigger, the round leaves, they get spooked & slightly loosen the rifle, so the rifle muzzle climbs, he yanks the trigger again, but now that 2nd round is sent in the sky and only God knows where it hits, and they repeat this process several times never knowing where their bullets are landing. EVERY bullet that leaves your firearm is YOUR responsibility, you own that bullet till it buries itself in dirt.

Failure to hit the berm.....well that should be fairly obvious but i'll explain. When you fire a round, that round must go into the BERM, not at the ground 6ft in front of you or aiming at the clouds, most likely that bullet ricocheted or traveled somewhere else. Have you ever seen rocks bounce off water...well bullets do the same thing when not impacting a berm. Sending a bullet straight in the BERM or backstop ensures the bullet has landed in a safe area and not endangered someone else.

If you feel you need help sighting or just handling in your rifle, we would love to do that for FREE. We want to make sure you can hit your intended target. So don't hesitate to ask anyone for help. Unfortunately cause of these rules and breaking them you can/will be asked to leave. Hopefully this never happens cause we want everyone to have safe shooting fun, but if is causing danger to someone else. Well I'd rather have them leave then face even greater consequences.
If you made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read this.